Teams take off with empathic insights.

Empathy & Design Thinking.

Tools to promote iterative creative processes.

Design thinking builds ideas from the ground up. It drives decision-making for some of the world’s most successful companies. How can you bring the design thinking process into your business? In this 1-2 day workshop, we’ll show you how. We guide you and your team through the complete design thinking process, from insights to brainstorming to the iterative creative process, and through the insight and feedback stages.

Interviewing with Empathy.

Developing Bankable Intuitive Decision Making.

This daylong workshop helps product marketing teams develop keen interviewing and listening skills. Teams learn how to:  Probe beyond what’s said to uncover unconscious elements that drive behavior; Identify personal biases—and keep them outside your interviews, synthesis, and analysis; Strengthen ability to empathize with customers’ internal experiences.  As a result, workshop participants not only improve internal research processes but better anticipate their customers’ points of view throughout the design process.

Executive Empathy Immersion.

Innovation through a Shift in perspective.

A shift in perspective can have lasting power. This daylong workshop for business executives kindles their empathy for customers. Executives connect with customers in a series of guided hands-on activities and share-out discussions, all under relative anonymity. Participants will:  Hear firsthand from carefully cultivated and coached customer participants --- Develop insight into their customers’ emotional engagement with brands ---Understand empathy’s role in driving better products and stronger loyalty


Holistic User Research.

Shared understanding built on meaningful insights.

One of the hardest lessons to learn in UX is that researchers can’t always trust what test participants tell them. People don’t always behave rationally, and this means that research participants are sometimes unable to give accurate answers to even the simplest questions. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, it’s backed by decades of research on the difference between reported behavior (what we say we do) and actual behavior (what we actually do). This workshop features interactive activities and realistic application practice.

Research Design.

Direction on up-ing your research game.

Done well, research helps you uncover what matters most to your audiences. We consult with you to create effective and empathic research processes that unlock the magic moments you need for success. And, we’ll help you develop the empathy to compellingly present those insights to your internal audience.

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