Creative blend of behavioral science advances & qualitative methods.

15 (not 5) Immersive Depth Interviews.

Investigation of the Decision Making Process.

True insight and understanding does not occur over 5 interviews from a "convenience sample".  EmpathyWise proprietary depth interviews are recruited with precision and last 1 1/4 - 2 hours.  Employing Incubation, Laddering, Collage,  Metaphor Elicitation and/or other Projective techniques we explore people’s literal and non-literal expressions — to uncover the thought processes that occur below the level of awareness (System 2 factors)  --- thus avoiding differences between what people say vs. what people do.

Ethnography with Empathy.

Contextualizing Behaviors for Better Insights.

EmpathyWise Ethnography contextualizes elements of users' experiences that allows for the identification of systematic connections among influential factors.  Our ethnographic projects incorporate observation, in-depth interviewing, & video taping of precision recruited target users; executed in optimal environments --- in homes, cars, at work, on the beach, at a point of purchase, & beyond.. This close examination of behaviors where they occur reveals the nuances and subtleties at play; thus affording acutely accurate insights.

Research is the key to innovation & impactful marketing.

groups - all shapes & sizes.

Focus & mini groups, Dyads, Triads, Friendship Sessions.

Our groups tend to involve 5 to 6 precision recruited users for two hour sessions.  Depending on our goals we sometimes invite 8 to 10 users to participate. Typically the group setting encourages interaction, enabling participants to build on each other’s ideas and comments, thus advancing spontaneity and serendipitous insights. 

Friendship gatherings of 3 to 5 people who know each other are often held in user’s homes,  typical gathering sites, or their places of work.  New vantage points can be gained through interactions that occurs between people who know each other well.

Dyads & Triads of 2 or 3 individuals are effective for addressing some research objectives in a cost effective manner.  Examples include: people having purchased the same product in past; a husband and wife, a mom and child, a  boss and an employee, club members or people representing opposing market segments .


Research Design Consults.

Direction on up-ing your research game.

Done well, research helps you uncover what matters most to your audiences. We consult with you to create effective and empathic research processes that unlock the magic moments you need for success. And, we’ll help you develop the empathy to compellingly present those insights to your internal audience.

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